SAP seeks 360° customer view with ‘hybris’ marketing platform

SAP seeks 360° customer view with ‘hybris’ marketing platform

puzzleSAP SE is introducing a new “contextual marketing platform” from its e-commerce division that seeks to provide a comprehensive view of customers. The business intelligence giant claims that it’s in a unique position to deliver on that well-worn pitch thanks to the use of multiple internal and external data sources.

The aptly-named hybris Marketing suite integrates information from point-of-sale systems, back-end business applications and numerous other channels into a combined picture of leads that’s meant to help marketers focus their efforts more effectively. That falls into step with the broader phenomenon of enterprise vendors incorporating more data into their software, a trend that also includes SAP’s rivals. recently struck a partnership with Thompson Reuters Inc. to provide details on companies and industries from the media giant’s content exchange through its cloud-based marketing platform. SAP doesn’t list market data among the selling points for the new suite but claims an advantage in the overall breadth of information available to users, touting “the most complete” customer profiles around.

Marketers can use that consolidated customer perspective to deliver targeted purchase suggestions through the platform’s built-in recommendation engine, one of the several features that the company has incorporated into the bundle to help operationalize the data. Joining it is a real-time behavior analysis capability that makes it possible to adjust the content of an ad based on the changing expectations of a prospective buyer and a set of operational functions for orchestrating the campaign.

That includes standard planning features as well as a monitoring console that continues the data-driven theme and taps into information from different sources to help marketers track how their efforts are shaping up across multiple mediums. Every component of the toolkit maps to the corresponding part of the cross-channel commerce system that drove SAP to acquire hybris in the first place two years ago, integration aimed at making it possible to implement and execute campaigns from the same location.

The platform also extends API support beyond SAP’s portfolio to third party marketing solutions, which is meant to help organizations fit it into their existing processes, a key requirement in the enterprise. Customers have a choice between hosted and on-premise licensing.