New rumors to know: Apple Watch fights cancer, release date moved

New rumors to know: Apple Watch fights cancer, release date moved

The Apple Watch is slated for an early 2015 release, sometime in the first or second quarter. And though Apple already unveiled the device last September, many of its features are not yet set in stone. Some of them may be canned, improved or replaced, and additional features may be added.

Apple Watch Lineup

Rumors are abundant as to what new features or components the device will have. One rumor has Samsung supplying the processor for the Apple Watch. Another rumor states the device may be flooded with ads, thanks to TapSense integration. Earlier reports are pointing to a release date in March, but that date seems to have been pushed back.

So what other top rumors are making the rounds about Apple Watch?

Release date


During Apple’s latest earnings report, CEO Tim Cook announced that the Apple Watch development is right on track and will ship in April, well within the early 2015 release date. Cook was excited about the device and said, “I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it.”



Many have very high hopes for the Apple Watch, but they may be disappointed once they get their hands on it. According to reports, Apple Watch’s battery will only last for about 2.5 hours with heavy use. But on standby, the battery can last up to two or three days. Simply put, use it as a watch and you get to use it for a couple of days or more on one charge; use it as much as your iPhone, and you’ll need to charge it multiple times a day.

Revamped Home Screen


The Apple Watch’s Home Screen gets a more organized look with the Companion app, allowing for easier control of application settings. Aside from that, users can make the face of the watch more personalized by creating a clock face monogram that can be one to four letters.

It fights the new ‘cancer’


Speaking the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference, Cook stated that the Apple Watch will redefine the smartwatch category, similarly to how the iPod revolutionized MP3 players and the iPad set new standards for tablets. The Apple CEO reiterated how Apple Watch will play a huge role in the wearer’s health, mentioning a new ‘tap’ feature that lets the wearer know that he or she has been sitting for way too long and need to get up. Sitting has been dubbed as the new cancer and by taking a proactive approach, Cook is hopeful that the Apple Watch can combat it.

Try an Apple Watch online demo


If you can’t wait to get your hands on the Apple Watch, you can try it out here. Just click on the different Apple Watch icons to see how apps would look, and then tap on the Digital Crown to return to the Home Screen.