Free-to-play game platform Playsimo launched in Mexico

Free-to-play game platform Playsimo launched in Mexico

PlayismoGrupo Televisa SAB, Latin America’s largest multimedia company, and online game creator UOL BoaCompra have teamed up to launch Playsimo, a free-to-play online game portal and content distribution platform.

“With gaming at an all-time high in popularity throughout Mexico, Televisa is investing a considerable amount to deliver the best games and game-related content to its audience,” Televisa Gaming Director Fernando Rondón Reynoso said in a statement. “UOL BoaCompra was a natural fit for us as a partner. The company reflects the same local expertise and has a deep understanding and experience in delivering the best services to gamers in Central and South America.”

The gaming industry in Mexico is worth an estimated $1.2 billion, and with significant Spanish-speaking populations in the U.S. and elsewhere in North America, Playismo could also have an international reach.

“Televisa is one of the most important media companies in the world, and the largest and most prominent in Mexico; we’re honored to be able to partner with such an established player to promote our partners titles in the country,” said UOL BoaCompra’s Fernando Estevez Vazquez. “With local payments put in place, and the largest media company promoting titles through Playsimo, now is the time for international gaming companies to leverage our local expertise to enter the impressive Mexican market.”


An international industry


While video game companies have long been divided between Japan, the U.S. and Canada, the landscape of the industry is rapidly changing, with many successful developers and publishers forming all over the world in surprising places, such as Iceland’s CCP Games, which makes Eve Online and Dust 514, or Poland’s CD Projekt Red, which makes the Witcher series and runs the popular digital game seller,

UOL BoaCompra has already been successful in several Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, and it has recently stepped up its international production. In January, the company partnered with cross-border digital payment service Gash Plus to expand its game monetization capabilities in Asia, making it easier for users to make digital purchases using online currency.

UOL BoaCompra owns a library of over 4,500 games, but the company is also looking to entice international developers to take part in the growing Mexican and Latin American gaming market through its Playsimo platform.

Image credit: Playsimo