#BigDataSV CrowdChat: Follow the Money

#BigDataSV CrowdChat: Follow the Money

jeffkdatanycWe had an excellent CrowdChat today hosted by @jeffreyfkelly, sponsored by EMC Corporation. It was a preview to our event next week in San Jose that coincides with Strataconf, Hadoopworld and #BigDataWeek.

@furrier won the CrowdCaptain award with his setup question on his VC panel next week. He simply asked “what questions should I ask Ping Li Accel, Frank Artale Ingition, and Jonathan Heiliger Vertex?” The thread captured 64 votes.

There was also some interesting discussion around the following:

  • @zanilli (Jorge Lopez) asked: A 2014 Wikibon report found 62% of #Hadoop practitioners are offloading data transformations from data warehouse and mainframe into Hadoop – Will this trend continue/accelerate in 2015? 
  • What’s happening next week Strataconf, HadoopWorld and #BigDataWeek?
  • Jeff Kelly asked the crowd “What to do with all the data in the Data Lake?”
  • What about IoT and existing software players?
  • What about the intersection of cloud and Big Data?

In this regard, @lonnej (Lonne Jaffe) – one of the key drivers we’re seeing for adoption of our AWS based Hadoop product is that a lot of data is being *generated* in the cloud, and people don’t want to have to move it on premise to do processing and analytics…

The was also discussion about in-memory analytics, data governance, security and much more.

Check out the transcript from the CrowdChat…