404 plane not found: Lizard Squad hacks Malaysian Airlines site

404 plane not found: Lizard Squad hacks Malaysian Airlines site

Is The Lizard Squad On The Run?Malaysian Airlines has come to the attention of the infamous Lizard Squad with their site being hacked today to show the message “404 Plane Not Found.”

The message is related to the unresolved mystery of flight MH17, a Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight that is believed to have disappeared off the coast of Western Australia in July 2014.

Malaysian Airlines said in a statement on Facebook that their Domain Name System (DNS) had been compromised and users are being re-directed to a hacker website. They further claim that their web servers are intact and there has been no breach of data.

The airline promises that the issue will be resolved with its service provider “within 22 hours.”

Travellers wishing to make a booking with the airline can use this page.

The message on the site links the Lizard Squad to ISIS with references to a “Cyber Caliphate,” although it’s not clear whether the reference is a serious link or simply another case of Lizard Squad doing something for the lulz.

The new hacking follows from news that a number of Lizard Squad members had been arrested following their hacking antics in 2014, and their own hackers-for-hire service had itself been hacked January 19th.

The Malaysian Airlines website remains offline complete with Lizard Squad messages at the time of writing.